Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mama, don't preach

"Oh , I don't send my child to playschool. What is there to learn there ? Nursery rhymes ? What good is that ?"

2 minutes later

Toddler bopping to dard-e-disco , moves , lyrics , etc al and she says

"Yeah ! He's really sharp. Picks up all the LYRICS, MOVES and TUNES"

A few minutes later, Shriya shows up gyrating sexily in the Saravana Stores ad and Bubbles as usual , goes into a shy tizzy hiding his face in my clothes and peeking out at her. And once again,

"Oh! You shouldn't allow him to watch TV. He will definitely develop a sexist attitude".

And her son was thumbing through the latest issue of Vogue staring goggle eyed at near naked women peddling their wares .

By now , I am squirming in my seat.

Later, my son takes out his Bob Builder tiffin box and shares his Little Hearts with his friend. The boy practically latches onto the box and pleads "I want Spiderman box". Mom throws me dagger looks "I don't allow cartoon prints on anything. It makes them materialistic and slaves to advertising firms"

I rest my case. That was shortest dinner ever. Thankfully !

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GettingThereNow said...

Came here through some other blog - can't remember which one. (Wouldn't remember my name if others didn't keep calling me so often - that's the state of my memory these days :P) I liked what I read. And this post resonates with me SO much! Don't these parents just GET on your nerves???