Tuesday, August 26, 2008

oh the injustice

Thanks MM for the great rant post that can balloon out of proportion when I think about it

1) Why is it ok for you to let your child run riot and glare at me for disciplining mine with firm words and a steely glare ?

2) How comes it's ok for you to be in ill-fitting clothes with half your boobs hanging out but not ok for me to gracefully accept I am not built for certain clothes ?

3) Why is it ok for you to allow your child to eat eggs outside the house but not ok for me to choose cooking eggs for him at home to ensure hygiene ?

4) How is it ok for you to say "you leave your child with your in-laws for 8 hours! " and shudder when your child is taken to the sand pit by an underage maid?

5) Why is it ok for your parents to expect you to look after them in their old age but not mine ?

6) Where's the justice in attributing the baby's mercurial temper to the mother but not the persistent focus that's obviously her one big trait ?

7) Why's it ok for you to waste company time on surfing the net but not OK for me to gobble my lunch, finish my assignments and run home on time ?

8) If you talked your husband into moving out of his parents house, why is it a crime for someone else to do the same ?

9) Why is it ok for you to wait for your driver to open the door while your car blocks the driveway but not ok for me to blare the horn in the meanwhile ?

10) Why is it ok for you to say that bringing up a child is no picnic but cringe when I say my kid is driving me up the wall ?

11) Why is ok for you to ask me why I never join the ILs-bashing ladies club but not OK for me to say I am not into these shallow sports ?

12) you can advise me on child rearing but I cannot advise you to drop being a sati savithri and go out and fend for yourself.

13) if you are going to ask me why I don't employ a driver, be prepared to answer if you've lost the use of your limbs.


So my team has 14 members. 4 are unmarried . Of the remaining 10 , 6 are knocked up and delivered/expecting between July and Nov this year. We all got off a highly stressful project in June , winding down since Feb.

Absolutely no doubt that stress busts productivity.

What a productive team , I say !Let some of it rub off on me .

Just remembered a song from "Come September" - multiplication , that's the game

Job security

There's a guy after my job. He's qualified, efficient and what's more - the boss loves him. And boy , do they connect ? I feel like an unwanted limb when they are doing their thing. They agree on everything - junk food,TV watching, sports, car rides and I am left spluttering inane advice on nutrition, pitfalls of watching Mr Bean and Takeshi's castle and risks to life and limb. They have even bought matching bean bags to lounge around in.

The boss has even said " Amma, don't come. Kunju and appa playing". ( Mom, don't come. Baby and dad are playing )

How can I sabotage my hubby's plans of becoming a WOHD or even SAHD ?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two become one

How brilliant is this whacky gadget ?

And this must be Bubbles dream gadget. Why you ask ? Let's just say if he was asked to take two things to an island, it won't be his amma and appa. They'll come anyway !!

Go here for more whacky gadgets ! Some actually make a whole lot of sense.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rest in peace

As a teenager, I admired you. Your sense of purpose, focus and clarity of thought. Your single minded determination to do well and climb up the ladder inspired me when I was younger. You were my hero ( despite the fact that you were the grammar nazi ).I don't know when I started calling you by your first name. But thanks all the same. It made you a friend more than anything else. RIP chittappa.

In my last conversation with you , you said "main wapas aake karoonga. Where am I going to run away?". Little did you know.

Today, 5 days after you have left us , I look back upon all the good times with you and the lessons I have learnt from your life.

- thanks for all the ice creams at Matunga Gymkhana that you rewarded us with if we kept out of your hair while you played bridge.
- the New Year's eve drive around Marine Drive, the aquarium
- the expensive chocolates you reserved for my sis and me. We loved them.
- introducing us to frankies and kachchi dabeli
- showing a 8-year old your Rolex
- correcting diction, grammar, pronunciation and punctuation ( are we done yet ?)
- bringing back those lovely clothes from Mothercare ( I wish I had kept some )
- Crates of alphonso mangoes at our disposal
- Last but not least, I have learnt that we must live in the now. Success and fame are not the only yardsticks of life. Health and happiness are more important.

PS - note how every second memory of you is inspired by food !!! That has to change.

Rough weekend

Bubbles : Amma, push the train . Make it faster, faster.

Bubbles : Amma, push the rocks. make it tumbling down the hill.

Clearly , I am superwoman.

Me: Bubbles, we won't be going to Kabini. We have to go to Bangalore. I am sorry.

Bubbles: Don't cry , baby. We go affer some time. It's ok.

Clearly , he is superest baby.

We had a rough weekend but Bubbles was an angel. This post is to remind me of how bubbles adjusted to change in plans and took everything in his stride. He gave me the space I needed to grieve over a death in the family. Off late, I have grudged the fact that I haven't been able to spend as much time with my parents and family in general when I visit them , thanks to being occupied with his needs . But for this once, he seemed to understand that I needed the space and allowed his father to take over for 2 whole days without a whimper ( knowing him , this is a big deal ). Thanks baby !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Survey Schmurvey

A survey said Women who married less attractive partners , were more satisfied and content.And men who married homely women were less satisfied and content.

That would make me dissatisfied and my husband simply over the moon.

Something doesn't add up! Someone do the math.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An irreverent mind

.. I have, so God save me !!

MIL's SIL ( MS) : These idlis are hard. My idlis are really soft

MIL (M ) ( bristling) : It must be the new urad I used

MS : Mine are always SOFT no matter what brand I use

DIL eyes her husband and asks irreverently "What do you think of my idlis ?"

Husband turns beet red . But the conversation continues.

MS: Batter must be old. When it's old, it becomes hard.

DIL : Oh ! I thought it sags when it's old

M : We've never had this hard idlis before. Hain na, Beta ?

MS : But mine are always soft

By now ,I have a post in my head and husband Idlis on his mind !!!

G is for ........

Jeeero !!!

Thus spake Bubbles ..... or Laloo !!!

Doesn't Bubbles at 8 mos look like Laloo and now speaks like him too ?