Wednesday, August 6, 2008

An irreverent mind

.. I have, so God save me !!

MIL's SIL ( MS) : These idlis are hard. My idlis are really soft

MIL (M ) ( bristling) : It must be the new urad I used

MS : Mine are always SOFT no matter what brand I use

DIL eyes her husband and asks irreverently "What do you think of my idlis ?"

Husband turns beet red . But the conversation continues.

MS: Batter must be old. When it's old, it becomes hard.

DIL : Oh ! I thought it sags when it's old

M : We've never had this hard idlis before. Hain na, Beta ?

MS : But mine are always soft

By now ,I have a post in my head and husband Idlis on his mind !!!


artnavy said...

u r so hilarious and so politically incorrect

lilfern said...

idlis!!!! wow - you are funny!

Sue said...