Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shake it Baby

R : Wow ! Cool phone. Which model ?

Me : Oh ! Hrithik Roshan . Shake it baby !!!

R ( with Steely glare): I mean what is the model number.

Me: I don't know. It's the ad in which Hrithik dances.

R : (throwing up hands in air) Bah !

A little later , R and another colleague are waiting for me in my office cabin. We are supposed to discuss project allocations. R was holding a copy of Cinema Plus .As I enter the room,

Me: Hi R, Hi V

R: (Breaking off from his conversation with V) So who do you think is the best ?

Me:(eyeing the Cinema Plus) Hrithik if you ask me and hmmm Brad Pitt maybe.

V ( spluttering): We cannot hire Hrithik or Brad Pitt for this project.

Me: Oh ! ah !

I have to find a cure for foot-in-mouthitis.

PS- I need a job where I can have more female colleagues. There is only so much of Aishwayra or Angelina Jolie I can bear to hear.

Bittersweet memories

For years , I resented you. You gave me claustrophobia of the worst kind. I cringed at your conservativeness and who appointed you the moral police ? Your cloying sense of spirituality and superiority made me want to rebel. But I accepted and tried to fit in. And I know it's almost time to say goodbye.

And then I remember the good times.

Admiring the rustling silks and handicrafts at Rasi. Keerai vadai and poli at Karpagambal mess. The mandatory silver bowl and spoon from Sukra for the newborn. Diwali morning visits to rain drenched Kapaleeshwarar Koil. Watching in awe as the tank finally filled and feeding the catfish pori. Haggling with the vegetable and fruit vendors. Picking up cheap toys at Rs 5/- at the roadside. Buying bangles for the seemantham in Mada street. Waiting to watch the theru.

I am going to miss you Mylapore.