Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Shake it Baby

R : Wow ! Cool phone. Which model ?

Me : Oh ! Hrithik Roshan . Shake it baby !!!

R ( with Steely glare): I mean what is the model number.

Me: I don't know. It's the ad in which Hrithik dances.

R : (throwing up hands in air) Bah !

A little later , R and another colleague are waiting for me in my office cabin. We are supposed to discuss project allocations. R was holding a copy of Cinema Plus .As I enter the room,

Me: Hi R, Hi V

R: (Breaking off from his conversation with V) So who do you think is the best ?

Me:(eyeing the Cinema Plus) Hrithik if you ask me and hmmm Brad Pitt maybe.

V ( spluttering): We cannot hire Hrithik or Brad Pitt for this project.

Me: Oh ! ah !

I have to find a cure for foot-in-mouthitis.

PS- I need a job where I can have more female colleagues. There is only so much of Aishwayra or Angelina Jolie I can bear to hear.


Cuckoo said...

I agree!

IBH said...

:) that is so true! i always end up in a team full of the opp sex :) good in a way and bad in a way ;)

btw, it was great meeting you on that day ;) bubbles looks so much like u...:)

How do we know said...

Oh... i share the hrithik fixation totally.. added to the list lately is Neil Nitin Mukesh and Shahid Kapoor - both good performers..

Rohini said...

Just saw your comment on my jungle post. No great wisdom but some simple stuff:

- Take lots of stuff to entertain - being cooped up in a hotel room after dark can really test their patience. I took clocks, puzzles, books and crayons and it was well worth it

- Lots of mosquito repellent

- I also tool those mini tetra-packs of milk since I couldn't be sure of milk quality

- Lots of extra clothes. They get very very dirty - I was changing Ayaan's clothes atleast three times a day

That's all I can think of right now. Will be back if I think of something else.