Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bittersweet memories

For years , I resented you. You gave me claustrophobia of the worst kind. I cringed at your conservativeness and who appointed you the moral police ? Your cloying sense of spirituality and superiority made me want to rebel. But I accepted and tried to fit in. And I know it's almost time to say goodbye.

And then I remember the good times.

Admiring the rustling silks and handicrafts at Rasi. Keerai vadai and poli at Karpagambal mess. The mandatory silver bowl and spoon from Sukra for the newborn. Diwali morning visits to rain drenched Kapaleeshwarar Koil. Watching in awe as the tank finally filled and feeding the catfish pori. Haggling with the vegetable and fruit vendors. Picking up cheap toys at Rs 5/- at the roadside. Buying bangles for the seemantham in Mada street. Waiting to watch the theru.

I am going to miss you Mylapore.


Rohini said...

Ha ha! Thought you were talking about your MIL or something like that!!!

Subhashree said...

Why? You were living in Mylapore or what? Why didn't you tell me when we met? We could have met loads of time! I'm upset now :(

Minka said...

arre I don't live here, I work here. And may be moving to a job in one of those impersonal huge IT parks soon. And as long as I can remember, I hated the crowded streets and judgemental relatives I would bump into ( the place is teeming with them). But now that it's time to leave, I am having second thoughts.

and this goes for my job as well.

artnavy said...

well writtne- kept the suspense there for a while

so is ur new office going to be in early omr or latter part closer to my office?