Monday, June 30, 2008

Day 4 of school

Amma and Bubbles take the lift to the ground floor. As soon as the gates open, Bubbles is out like a shot trotting off to school

Amma : wait , baby . Hold amma's hand !

Bubbles :Kaiye vidda ( leave my hand ). I go mine self. You be there.

Amma : Baby , wait ! I ...oh .. want to ....

Bubbles : Bye amma, best of luck

Best of luck , indeed ! Yeah I am that needy clingy mother who insists on being the one to drop him at the school gate . Only .... he doesn't need me to .


sailaja said...

Oh yes, Amma, I can relate to that.:)
First time at your blog and you have an adorable child.

To answer your question on baking (at my blog on banana muffins) - Yes, you can bake as a cake instead of a muffin. Also you could try banana+yogurt as a substitute for eggs in cakes. Try it on a simple cake recipe the first time you use the banana+yogurt combo and if happy with the results, use it in other cake recipes as well.

Hope this helps.

Love to the lil one.:)

Rohini said...

Well, how about this. My 3-year old doesn't want me to kiss him goodbye at the school gate any more!!!

artnavy said...

a little man aren't we??

Monika&Ansh said...

Lol..............the usual story. Happens with many of us & can get very shattering to see them not needing us at times. Don't they grow up just too soon!