Monday, June 23, 2008

Jab we met Mommies and not Dora

So we met . At Fruit Shop in Besant Nagar. I think I had the chance to have a conversation for exactly 10 minutes with the mommies and the rest was spent runnning after Bubbles who was in a tizzy ( I had Itchy for company - twice over !!!) . I had a wonderful time meeting Itchy, Tharini,Art, Kausalya and Crazymom.

Did Tharini say she's lost for words after reading all the comments on someone's post and hence doesn't comment ? I didn't get a chance to tell her how I cried in office when I read her post reminding herself to be patient with Winkie.

I really wanted to ask Kausalya what prompted her to quit working. Only if to settle battles in my head.

And Crazymom has a 4- year old and a 18 month old. And she looks like she's fresh out of college!!There should be a law against moms not looking like moms .

Art has enlightened me about the perils of not updating my blog often enough. Bubbles is going to think he wasn't interesting enough. Shudder ! I solemnly promise to update hereafter.Art, if we can work this, I am going to ask you to motivate me to lose weight also.

The ladies left their cameras,phones and purses lying invitingly in front of Bubbles. His hands were itching to wreak havoc but he caught my dagger-looks. And turned tables by wagging his finger at the ladies saying " PLEASE PUT YOUR TOYS AWAY". The cheek !!

Bubbles first day in school on June 23 . He woke up bright and early and said " Ojas, Tejas, Anushka, ebby-buddy come to school". He loved it too !!


So we left Fruit Shop and headed to Citi Center to meet Dora. Against my better judgement !! Parking was full , so while Bubbles and I headed optimistically to meet Dora, K rode dizzy circles around to find parking. Meanwhile, I meandered through aisles of book shelves trying to get a glimpse of Bubbles no.1 "Hero". And he tried to clamber up the shelves and managed to dislodge a 100 copies of kamasutra-type tomes from their resting place. Oh well !!

After beating a sheepish retreat , I bumped into another harried mommy trying to get a glimpse of Dora for her daughters. Turns out to be Khushboo !!! Yes, the very same. She didn't get to meet Dora either. Right , so it doesn't matter if you have temples dedicated to you , you still cannot meet Dora if you are not destined to.

But seriously, I admired Khushboo as a mother for a whole lot of things ( I am not a fan of her movies or shows , haven't seen any ). She put up with the jostling at the Dora event and the long billing lines with amazing grace. No diva-like tantrums or wanting to be treated differently. Hats off to you , Khushboo !


Day 2 in school . I just got a call from my MIL who picked bubbles up from school. He has broken a bench by jumping off it . His limbs and teeth are intact. Pardon me while I tear my hair out !


artnavy said...

As I was reading the last para, i thought it was the turn of tooth no. 3- thank God for small mercies

Subhashree said...

I loved the instance when Bubbles blurted 'pl put your toys away'... quite funny indeed. But I must tell you, he was such a well-mannered kid, repeating thanks and welcome everytime Kowsalya poured juice from the big glass into the little glass :)