Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Living in denial

Bubbles on day 3 of school :school starts at 9.20 AM

At 9:05 AM - amma, I wear uniform affer some time. Then we...... hmmm go to school.

At 9:10 AM - amma, school is closed. Ebbybuddy go home. Bye tata. ( followed by flying kisses )

But the little trooper went whining just a little.


சந்தனமுல்லை said...


which school your baby is in??
I too have a 2 yrs 8months at home.

Ur posts r nice 1s!


artnavy said...

oh- today anush said she was sleepy and therefore could not go to school- even tried acting so in the car

i feel so cruel:-)(

Minka said...

Mullai : It's right next door to where I live , so I can take him just 5 mins before it starts. And tons of kids from our complex , so it's good fun for the kids.

art : they are learning the art of manipulation. right around school time, he examines imaginary wounds and even checks his teeth in the mirror grimacing. He knows I have major guilt about his teeth.