Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Job security

There's a guy after my job. He's qualified, efficient and what's more - the boss loves him. And boy , do they connect ? I feel like an unwanted limb when they are doing their thing. They agree on everything - junk food,TV watching, sports, car rides and I am left spluttering inane advice on nutrition, pitfalls of watching Mr Bean and Takeshi's castle and risks to life and limb. They have even bought matching bean bags to lounge around in.

The boss has even said " Amma, don't come. Kunju and appa playing". ( Mom, don't come. Baby and dad are playing )

How can I sabotage my hubby's plans of becoming a WOHD or even SAHD ?

1 comment:

artnavy said...

hehehe - navy felt this way

he told me anush made me feel so important when u were away- u shld take more breaks away from us!!