Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rough weekend

Bubbles : Amma, push the train . Make it faster, faster.

Bubbles : Amma, push the rocks. make it tumbling down the hill.

Clearly , I am superwoman.

Me: Bubbles, we won't be going to Kabini. We have to go to Bangalore. I am sorry.

Bubbles: Don't cry , baby. We go affer some time. It's ok.

Clearly , he is superest baby.

We had a rough weekend but Bubbles was an angel. This post is to remind me of how bubbles adjusted to change in plans and took everything in his stride. He gave me the space I needed to grieve over a death in the family. Off late, I have grudged the fact that I haven't been able to spend as much time with my parents and family in general when I visit them , thanks to being occupied with his needs . But for this once, he seemed to understand that I needed the space and allowed his father to take over for 2 whole days without a whimper ( knowing him , this is a big deal ). Thanks baby !

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artnavy said...

Really a super kid bubbles is

and u super woman too.

hope ur family is coping well