Thursday, August 30, 2007

Make babies not war !

Yay ! Taking up Mad Momma's tag because this is so fun !!!!

Wear out toddler by day : Check

Toddler asleep at 8.30 : Check

Elders busy with saas-bahu serials : Check

Slip into something comfortable : Check

Stifle yawn and murmur something about being tired and sleepy:Check

Hubby dear follows suspiciously soon after : Check

Sneak into room and whoa ! What do you have ?

check ! Check !Check!

Nothing can be more risky and exciting than doing it with toddler asleep a few feet

away and adults watching TV just outside your door . And yeah ! the risk of your

nightclothes inside out in the morning ;-) Or possibly not creased at all ( who am

I kidding ?)


the mad momma said...

I love you right back!!! You are so up for any fun! excellent work :)

Mystic Margarita said...

LOL - loved it!

Itchingtowrite said...

great one!! by the way that saga is a horribly expensive thing nad they reduce costs by more than 50% if u say u wont buy it as the price tag is for the tourists!!

Swati said...


Tina said...

This one was so good !!!

Sue said...


It was a one-line post I wrote on dawn sex that started it. I love this tag!