Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I can't go on anymore. I am in a mess . Is this what I waited for so long ?
I put aside my work , I took time off from my family and friends and just
devoted myself to you . Day and night . With nary a care for food or water.
My mother chided me saying I was childish and I told her off.
Everyone advised me to get away from you when I was pregnant saying you would affect the
unborn child with your diabolic thoughts. But I stuck with you because I was infatuated.
I saved every penny for you . Well-wishers rolled their eyes on my frivolity .
But I stuck with you .

And you do this to me. I don't know whether to go on or just stop and throw you out of my life. Are you going to die ? Are you going to finish what you started ? There's so much I want to ask but I just cant bear to go on. And I hate you for making me do the unbearable sin - of turning to the last page.

I turn on the lights and read "The scar hadn't burned for the last 19 years. All was well".
Bye Harry. Bye Neville and Snape.

PS - Bubbles has just got adjusted to a new playschool. I do hope they consider him for Hogwarts ! He'd be great at Quidditch with his love for the jhadoo.


~nm said...

So much emotions all over harry potter! *rolling my yes*

iz said...

I know I know. I can't get over his having left me either.

Itchingtowrite said...

ohhh u said it right. i ha lost count of the no of times i hav read it now
did u read the fake version?

Just Like That said...

Too bad there won't be any more of Hogwartz :-(
Maybe Rowling will bring it back with their kids..? But who would be bad guy then? Scorpio?

the mad momma said...

you are tagged!

artnavy said...

sunshine right??