Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Crossing the Chasm

I wonder

Where all that went

Sure we talk

Bills, schedules,laundry,dishes

But sweet nothings and just silences

I wonder where that went

Talk is cheap

And yet , we don’t call

And I wonder if marriage

Is all bout a weekend trip to the mall

Groceries, meals and nothing more

We don’t talk anymore

I mean talk , talk

Not snatches in between television soaps

Or newspaper sheets

Or typing emails

We used to just be

You and Me

Now it’s just a painful silence

A deep gorge , a chasm

Unfathomable, deep ,dark

And I wonder

If we will ever cross it

Or let the winds of time

Widen endlessly

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iz said...

Thanks for your visit. I spent sometime time reading your blog and really enjoyed it.

Will be back for more!