Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Testing the waters !!!!

Here I am - my first post as a blogger . For what it's worth, I am doing this as a journal and hopefully , I can look back some day and reflect on my thoughts on various issues that cross my mind. It's surreal that we choose to share our thoughts with strangers on the World Wide Web behind the cloak of annonymity whereas we may never express some of our more controversial opinions ( mine are on religion, abortion, hindu customs and beliefs ,motherhood , modern choices, playschools,working moms ) beyond our own grey cells . So in a way , it's cathartic , a place to rant I guess ( and hopefully , save my near and dear the rants ) !!!

And it's also my journal into my life as a mom,wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, manager,team member etc.

And as I start my journey, I'd like to know what made some of you established bloggers get started. DOes it help you to vent ? Is it your journal? How do you handle sharing without giving up your privacy ?

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