Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Anjali's Prateeksha

Anjali made it - she had a baby girl this morning at 3 AM . I have tears rolling down my cheeks as I write this. I am not going to try to phrase this right or do a spellcheck or check the grammar on this post coz I am just speaking my heart out.

She's been through treatments for 14 years . 10 IUIs and 2 IVFs later - she got pregnant. She's had a hard time throughout the pregnancy . Every time she bled a little, her heart, head everything was a mess . She thought the worst of it . But she made it . Heres' wishing her ( and her husband and family ) a happy happy life ahead with her baby miracle. I know she will make a good mother - patient and calm because of all the heartbreak and trouble she went through to become a mommy.

Anjali, I don't know you . You don't know me. I heard of you and about your struggles when I myself was going through all this . But I feel I know you because of the struggles that bind us . So here's wishing you a great life ahead and no looking back. Kudos to your bundle of joy - she's the most precious baby on earth today - for a family that waited 14 years, 10 IUI and 2 IVF for her . I don't know what you are going to call her but to me , she'll always be "Prateeksha" - a magic waiting to happen .

Anjali named her Anaya .

Perfect name for an answer to a zillion prayers of a family.

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itchingtowrite said...

Prayers!!! and good wishes for the baby & parents

he he.. u caught me on the radio- and thanks for the lovely words! did wonder if anyone i knew heard me.. gulitily revealing secret- i am getting addicted to radio city slowly and hav made 3 calls already..hope the addiction doesn't become like blogging addiction but wasgood fun being live!!!