Friday, June 22, 2007

Speak the fcuk up !!!

What is it with women nowadays ? You have an education, you can go into space ,you can manage a team of 20 but but ....... you can't speak up against the damn eve teaser brushing against you . I witnessed the most annoying thing yesterday. Two women on a two-wheeler , obviously well educated and modern,are at a signal. Two more men , educated and modern bozzos for all appearances ,arrive on the scene. They laugh raucously and inch their bike inches away from the women. And one of them leans over and touches and I mean , touches one of the girls. She looks at him and cowers and leans away. And I am like WTF ?!!!

What is it , people , I ask ? What makes a woman take this kind of non-sense ? For what it's worth, I drove my car inches away from the bozzos bike and ran over his toes - yeah put me in jail if you like ( I am like that , I carry only pointed umbrellas in Mumbai locals , no foldable innocuous umbrellas for me , thank you ). And sent him scuttling away. But I see this reaction in women all the time.

Starting with my mum. My dad was in the Air Force and my mom decided we needed a stable life to get through out Std 10th and 12th - so mom and two of us sisters moved to Pune while dad was posted in Allahabad. Now my mom is educated , has an M.Sc in Mathematics and teaches in school. But she is also the most gullible and naive of all women I have met. So one day , one guy on the pretext of advertising a newspaper subscription came home and after the spiel , took our number and left. A few days later, we started getting crank calls with the usual heavy breathing and innuendo talk. My mom would jump at the sound of the phone ring and pick up the receiver and wouldn't let us pick any calls lest we hear the crap. But one day , she burst into tears and I knew something was wrong. So the next time the phone rang, I swatted her hand and took the call and heard the loser at the other end. And my mother weeped ," I don't want to be alone like this. Appa should be here". And my blood was boiling - "Why the hell can't we deal with this ?" and I was in the 11th std at that time. So I called what is now BSNL and asked them how we can deal with the crank call and if we can trace this call. The lady said no but I suggest you tell the perpretator next time he calls , that he's being traced. And I did just that . I said ," Keep talking , Mr Newspaper agency. I am having your call traced. Another 10 seconds , and I will have your number, you asshole". That's the last time we heard from him. Simple, no rocket science.

And I have hope when I see something like this. Walking down MG Road in Bangalore, bunch of loser college boys decided to brush against a couple of hip hipster clad women . But they were having none of it . One of the girls gave the brusher a nice one in the pants with her knee - yeah right there ! Ouch !!! The rest of the boys just stood there gaping like fish. Of course , it helped that other female shoppers of all sizes and shapes , aunties,munnis,pinkies,college girls showered the guy with handbags, umbrellas, sandals ( platforms , I must add !) and one project manager managed to kick him in the stomach for all the atrocities any man had ever done . For my mom, for the girls at the signal, for the BPO girl who was raped and killed , for heaven's sake - speak up !!!! Don't just stand there when you see something happening , do something , say something . For it is our modesty and sheer lack of guts that the losers count on.


itchingtowrite said...

well said & well done! and good the team of women hit that &%&@ man

the mad momma said...

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!! I wish more women would speak up.. yet I understand the fear and the way they cringe...

hey - waiting for a post on how bubbles has taken to playschool. come on!!

Suki said...


I took my time learning to value myself, but now I've learned most of my lessons. Men usually get a glare or an elbow in the ribs if they try anything funny... IF they brave the glare and yell. :P