Thursday, June 7, 2007

Bubbles starts school

Bubbles starts playschool on Monday. I get a tight knot in my throat as I say this becasue I feel partly happy, partly sad. Happy because the apple of my eyes has come a long way and this is his stepping stone to his future. Sad because my baby is no longer a baby - he's a toddler. A few days ago , I left him at the sand pit with the other kids and said " I am going to go and sit by the pool". The imp waved to me said "Ta-ta" , gave me a flying kiss and returned to building castles in the sand. I don't think he's going to feel separation anxiety - I am totally another story.

He's got a bag, new clothes, straw sippy and I am going to buy him a snack box with cars on it. I am planning to add a notepad to his bag and ask his teacher to write a few words everyday. You see, he's not totally talking yet . So I don't want to feel left out from his playschool hours since he can't tell me about it YET . And how will they know his name -should I pin a ID card with his name on it ? And he's not fully potty trained - he'll poop only in the pot but he doesn't tell us when he needs to pee. Shall I tell the teacher he needs to be taken to the toilet once an hour or so ? How about snack time - will someone keep an eye on him ? What if he chokes on the biscuit ? Shall I break the biscuits into pieces ? or better yet - send it soaked in juice or milk ?

OK , I will stop now as I am displaying signs of paranoia .

Best of luck , Bubbles. I know you will love the kids , the games and the teachers . I hope you have a good first day at school.


itchingtowrite said...

hey- element of fiction in your factual fiction-- if the watch out I zoomed past you in the grey santro yesterday was part of the fiction- then that is the fiction element!... i took the liberty of making that as a part of your story

Minka said...

Yeah that was fiction !!!! But was not part of the story - hee hee . Man, that would be really surreal - if I were to be right next to you in traffic while you were on radio

the mad momma said...

all the best to the little fellow... now i need to muster up my courage to do it!