Friday, June 8, 2007

Paradoxically yours

I am a hypochondriac ( I love looking up medical stuff ) but I hate going to the doctor ( and hate their guts when they roll their eyes and say "internet ?! ")

I loved the convenience of formula and cerelac but am always looking for ways to sneak veggies and fruits into my son's diet (he hates fruits and that is so not-me !)

I believe in god but hate going to temples and places of worship unless someone leans heavily onto me

I am a rational person but let my friend read my palm and he predicted I would know true love and have problems with childbirth ( and how ! ) . I have lost touch with Jamshed but wherever you are , Amen ! He also said I have a tendency for insanity - scary ! and humbling !!!

I diss all ritualistic forms of religiosity but I did a prayer at Nandalala temple when I was dealing with infertility ( and I cried buckets !!!). And I said a prayer 52 times , daily from that day until the 4th month of my pregnancy.

I insisted on the doctor doing an IUI even though she wanted just one more Clomid cycle. She knew I was doing the prayers and she didn't want to interfere ! ( Now she is a paradox , isn't she ?)

I hate jewellery but my son runs around in ( hold your breath ) earrings, bangles,payals,necklace and did I mention a arnakayaru ( yeah , you guessed it - I live with the ILs ). And don't worry, not any more - he's two years old and starts playschool so on the pretext of security, he's rid of all that.

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itchingtowrite said...

i too do a lot of internet serach before going to the doc. the ped has warned me not to ask him questions based on what i read on the net or books